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Product Description:

Heaven Medical Silk Fabric Sterile Band-aid/First Aid Wound Plaster/Adhesive bandage Strips is mainly formed by three parts: a base material (Silk material), an absorption pad and a back lining material, wherein the base material has a fixing function so that the absorption pad can be tightly fixed on it. The base material can also be tightly adhered to the skin when used. The product is non-toxic, low in sensitization, not irritant to the skin and subjected to EO sterilization; the product is a kind of externally-applied dressing and has the effects of stopping bleeding and protecting wounds, and it is applied to affected parts such as small wounds and abrasions; and the product can prevent the intrusion of bacteria and foreign bodies and accelerate the wound healing.

Product Specifications:

1.       Material: silk material (113gsm) coated medical adhesive latex free, absorption pad(viscose+polyester),back lining paper (silicone paper, glassine paper)

2.       Size:100x50mm,76x45mm,76x38mm,76x30mm,76x25mm,76x19mm,72x25mm,72x19mm,65x19mm,

60x17mm,40x10mm,38x19mm,38x38mm,Φ22mm etc.

3.       Colors: Skin color.

4.       Glues: High quality medical grade natural zinc oxide adhesive,latex free

5.       Coating weight: High quality medical grade natural zinc oxide adhesive 45-55g/m2

Product Features:

l         high permeability

l         good viscosity,strong glue,

l         Low sensitization, no stimulation to the skin, soft and comfortable.

l         latex free and comfortable and soft

l         anti-bacterium

l         Very convenient for users to use and store

l         A must have for any first aid kit

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